"Retail America" Episode 2: How Can Employers Overcome Low Unemployment?

Pat Steele, Project Director at Central Iowa Works, shares insights into how employers are overcoming low numbers of job applicants and providing wrap-around services that overcome employment barriers as well as general insights into the Des Moines retail sector.


Hope Street Group’s brand new podcast Retail America: Pathways to Opportunity cuts through the myth of the retail apocalypse and showcase the incredible opportunities in today’s dynamic retail sector. Each short episode will invite experts from various fields including retail, workforce development, technology, and adult education to celebrate and discuss exciting new programs, research, and innovations that connect with a growing audience of individuals and professionals interested in diving deeper into today’s hot topics in these fields.

Retail America highlights the work of the Retail Opportunity Network but also draws in third-party perspectives to offer fresh insights on pervasive questions such as the future of work and technological innovation.