Seven Sessions Worth Getting Excited For at SHIFT

 SHIFT The Future of Workforce is just around the corner and we are buzzing with excitement. While we love a good webinar, there is something magical about getting together in person to share ideas.

We will be releasing our full agenda and list of sessions soon, but in the meantime, check out these seven that will be at SHIFT. If you are eager to dive deeper into these topics, we have added a summer reading suggestion for each one.

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Occupational Segregation

Insight Center for Community Economic Development

Race and gender segregation by job category is a reality in America’s workforce. Together we will explore the narratives, policies, and resource decisions that hold occupational segregation in place and reflect on our power to shift those drivers.

Summer Reading: What’s the Real Jobs Story? Reflections on the San Francisco Bay Area


Improving Quality of Early Childhood Education Careers

Chicagoland Workforce Funder Alliance and SEIU Education and Support Fund

The workforce crisis for early childhood educators disrupts working parents’ employment experience and has been exacerbated by the pandemic. Join this workshop if you are interested in learning about how employers and partners in Chicago and Rhode Island support early educator pathways in partnerships with local higher education institutions and make compensation more equitable for early childhood educators.

Summer Reading: Economic Recovery Depends on Child Care


Building Equitable and Inclusive Aviation Pathways

Port Jobs and Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee

This session will explore data and best practices in important areas like embedding race equity, trauma-informed career pathways, and jobs for BIPOC, refugee, and immigrant populations, including recent Afghan and Ukrainian arrivals. Attendees will participate in a gallery walk and explore posters depicting real-life career pathway scenarios encountered in aviation and share ideas about how they would respond to issues raised.

Summer Reading: Advancing Workforce Equity in Seattle: A Blueprint for Action


Centering Immigrant Workers’ Voices and Power in Workforce Programs

WES Mariam Assefa Fund

Centering worker voice is critical for building equitable workforce development programs, especially when it comes to supporting immigrant and refugee workers. Experts and practitioners will share how programs are being designed, implemented, and evaluated in partnership with immigrant workers in fields such as property service, tech, and home healthcare.

Summer Reading: What We Mean By “Worker Voice”


Trauma-Informed Practices

Chicago Resilience Network

How do toxic stress and trauma impact an individual’s career trajectory and the productivity of businesses? What can employers, workers, and workforce professionals do to mitigate the negative consequences of trauma and create practices or policies that build resiliency? We will explore the answers to these questions with people actively addressing trauma in the context of work.

Summer Reading: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Workforce


How to Build an Equitable Economy that Works


Now is the time to redesign the way our economy is organized, centering the needs of those who have been shut out of the country’s prosperity. This interactive session will present a broad framework for centering racial equity in the narrative change, power building, and policy change required to bring forward an equitable economy.

Summer Reading: An Equitable Economy is Essential to Secure Freedom


Shifting the Narrative: Elements of Communicating to Move Public Imagination Toward Change

The Opportunity Agenda

This workshop will explore how we can utilize the power of narrative to build effective values-based communications strategies. Together, we will discuss how our communications work is rooted in the long-term journey of shifting narratives, explore how narratives are constructed, and build an understanding of the mindsets that fuel them, taking time to discuss the narrative challenges participants currently face.

Summer Reading: What We Talk About When We Talk About Workforce

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