Shifting Towards a Brighter, Equitable Future

Imagine a world where everyone thrives, regardless of their background or circumstances. This is the vision that drives the National Fund for Workforce Solutions and its network to work together to reshape the landscape of workforce development. We aim to tackle structural racial inequities that have held many individuals back, propelling us towards a future where all workers, employers, and communities can flourish.

Three Key Goals to Drive Change

To do this, we have set our sights on three pivotal goals that together serve as our north star on this journey toward equity:

All workers have resources required to thriveTo achieve this goal, the National Fund recognizes the importance of addressing the building blocks of success. This means ensuring that every worker has access to essential resources such as quality childcare, reliable transportation, suitable housing, healthcare, and high-speed broadband. By removing these barriers, the path to success becomes clearer for all.

Race does not dictate employment outcomes – The National Fund is steadfast in its commitment to dismantling the link between race and employment outcomes. No longer should racial or gender groups be confined to certain jobs or industries that offer lower wages, fewer benefits, and limited opportunities for advancement. Instead, everyone should have an equal shot at a promising career, regardless of their background.

All jobs are good jobs – A good job goes beyond just a paycheck. It provides safety, sustainable pay, benefits, security, and opportunities for growth. The National Fund believes that all jobs should meet these criteria, setting the stage for a workforce that is not only productive but also fulfilled.

Our Unique Approach

What sets the National Fund apart is its powerful and multifaceted approach to achieving its goals.

Our network wields the power to drive change at the local level. By reshaping systems and policies, and by aligning resources towards shared objectives, these communities are breaking down barriers that have stood for far too long.

Our national platform allows us to challenge prevailing norms. Through this platform, knowledge is shared, peer learning is facilitated, and groundbreaking discoveries are disseminated. In this way, we serve as a beacon of change, igniting innovation and pushing for equitable workforce solutions.

Our approach is comprehensive, not just a single tool. It offers coaching, frameworks, tools, funding, technical assistance, and training. This holistic strategy is boosting the capabilities of the National Fund’s network and its partners, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

Working Together for a Better Tomorrow

The journey toward equity is one of purpose and promise. By working to provide essential resources to workers, breaking the chains of occupational segregation, and championing good jobs for all, we are reshaping the workforce landscape. With our unique approach and unwavering commitment to change, the National Fund is leading the charge towards a brighter and more equitable future for everyone.

As we look ahead, let us remember that change is possible when we stand together. By collaborating with workers, employers, and communities, the National Fund is writing a new narrative of success — a narrative where barriers are shattered, opportunities are boundless, and an equitable world is within reach.

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