Twitter Roundup: 10 Big Ideas from #SHIFTWorkforce

We are flying high after spending a few days immersed in community at our national convening, SHIFT: The Future of Workforce. From a wonderful keynote address by Tawanna Black, to four thought-provoking plenaries, and a series of great workshops — we are humbled by the powerful discussions that took place.

We’ll have a lot more to say on this after we let it all sink in, but until then, relive the convening with 10 big ideas from #SHIFTWorkforce.

1. Occupational segregation is unnatural and pervasive.

2. Disaggregated data rules.

3.Racial Equity and Inclusion must be central to all of our workforce efforts.

4. The words we use and narratives we uphold have consequences.

5. We all need to think about how we are working with native nations and communities.

6. Trauma is a workplace issue.

7. Taking job quality seriously is imperative for workers and businesses.

8. The future of workforce involves reimagining systems.

9. We can’t forget about workers while doing workforce development.

10. We go farther when we go together. The National Fund’s workforce community is everything.