Overheard in Davos: The Right Message, But Now Let’s See Some Action

At the National Fund, we have been following with great interest, the growing conversation around growing income inequality and the need to reform or “reboot” capitalism. We would welcome the ushering in of a new business model that considers all stakeholders, not just shareholders. These were also key message at the World Economic Forum last week in Davos, Switzerland.

The National Fund’s senior director of innovation and strategy, Janice Urbanik, followed the conversations out of Davos and noted how they align with our job quality work, which operates from a foundational premise that a good job is a competitive advantage. She took to Twitter to share her reactions.

She also tuned in to a renewed focus on worker voice, which the National Fund has included in its set of five-year strategic priorities.

And because we know that communities can’t thrive when too many people are trapped in jobs that don’t support a family, when almost half of U.S. adults cannot afford a $400 emergency, Janice gave a lesson on why we need more “economy-boosting jobs.”

The talk out of Davos was all good, but as we’ve said before, talk is cheap. It’s time for action. Over the coming months (and especially as we gather and synthesize the learning from our newest good jobs initiative funded by the Gates Foundation), we will be talking more about specific strategies for employers, workers, and communities to come together to build an economy that works for everyone.

In the meantime, follow Janice on Twitter @JaniceUrbanik2d.