To Create a Strong Frontline, Tailor Programs for Employers and Workers

On a dual mission to center both worker and employer needs, the District 1199C Training & Upgrading Fund (Training Fund) is a partnership that strives to invest in frontline workers. With over 50 contributing employers the Training Fund serves over 9,000 frontline workers in southeastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey. They are investing in their region’s frontline workers, providing students with education and life skills, and professional training opportunities.

The Training Fund helped a long-term care facility reduce their turnover rate from 80% to 20%.

As the facilitator of the Greater Philadelphia Healthcare Partnership, the Training Fund has helped create programs customized to meet the needs of local healthcare employers. Last year, incumbent healthcare workers and community job seekers completed over 500 onsite training sessions. This work has improved recruitment, retention, and quality of care in these facilities.

Those who complete apprenticeship programs will ultimately receive 375 hours of behavioral coursework equal to 24 college credits.

Since 2014, the Training Fund has developed ten healthcare apprenticeships in six occupations. To set students up for success, a three-phase program was created to assist students in improving their skill-sets. Using a career pathway coaching model, the Training Fund helps students construct a personalized career path, ensuring they receive tailored training with opportunities for achievement.

Training funds like ours epitomize significant investments in frontline workers. The investments are not just made by employers but governed by employers and frontline workers working together collaboratively to create an opportunity for worker education and advancement. We are committed to helping frontline workers obtain the enhanced academic ability, industry-recognized credentials and occupational skills required to successfully secure employment and/or enter into post-secondary education programs.

 Cheryl Feldman, Executive Director, District 1199C Training & Upgrading Fund

CareerSTAT’s Frontline Healthcare Worker Champion program recognizes healthcare organizations investing in the careers and skills of their frontline workers. Organizations are designated as Champions and Emerging Champions. Champions meet all of CareerSTAT’s recognition criteria, including making skill and career development accessible, offering programs at a significant scale, measuring program business impact, and building sustainable programs. Emerging Champions are in earlier stages of investment and working with CareerSTAT leaderships to strengthen their programs. Learn more at

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