A network of healthcare leaders promoting investment in the skills and careers of frontline workers.

2019 CareerSTAT Frontline Healthcare Worker Champions

The CareerSTAT Frontline Healthcare Worker Champion program recognizes organizations making significant investments in their frontline workers. Best practices of the Champion organizations and key insights on recruiting, developing and investing in frontline workers are presented in the CareerSTAT Guide to Investing in the Frontline Healthcare Workforce.

Being selected as a Frontline Healthcare Worker Champion gives employers national recognition for their workforce development strategies. Each organization receives customized marketing materials, is featured in CareerSTAT communications, and provided access to peer learning and technical assistance to further their advancement programs.

Organizations that meet all of the peer-defined criteria are recognized as Champions; an Emerging Champion designation is awarded to organizations that meet some, but not all of the criteria.

We will be honoring the selected Champion and Emerging Champion organizations later this year at The Time is Now.

Champion Organizations

Emerging Champions

Healthcare Connect: Developing the Frontline Workforce Together

“What I took away from Healthcare Connect is that no one organization needs to do this on their own. We are all a part of a ‘network of networks,’ and we can rely on one another to provide support, ideas, and solutions to meet the challenges we all face.” 

– Joanne Pokaski, Senior Director of Workforce Development and Community Relations, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, and Chair of CareerSTAT Executive Committee

In late October, CareerSTAT and Hope Street Group’s Career Pathways Network hosted Healthcare Connect: Developing the Frontline Workforce Together in New Orleans. More than 150 healthcare and workforce leaders came together to discuss the critical challenges facing healthcare’s frontline workforce.

Over the course of two days, participants were able to learn from each other and also recognize and share their own valuable experience. The meeting kicked off with a reception and awards ceremony to recognize the 2018 CareerSTAT Frontline Healthcare Worker Champions and Emerging Champions. The next day, Healthcare Connect kicked off in earnest, with a full day of peer-learning and networking.

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CareerSTAT Network

CareerSTAT is a network of over 300 healthcare and workforce leaders. Together, they are promoting investment in the skills and careers of frontline healthcare workers by supporting healthcare organizations in using workforce development programs to increase business impact, improve health outcomes, and provide quality jobs. Become a member today to gain access to technical assistance, peer learning opportunities, industry-vetted best practices, and other critical insights into how healthcare employers are strengthening their organizations by investing in their frontline. CareerSTAT knows this strategy works and wants you to join. Membership is free and open to all! 

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Resource Center

CareerSTAT offers a range of resources on investing in frontline workers, understanding the healthcare workforce, and measuring the return on training investments. These resources are intended to support all types of healthcare organizations in starting, scaling or sustaining investments in their frontline employees.

CareerSTAT’s Guide to Investing in Frontline Healthcare Workers offers healthcare organizations evidence-based best practices, business metrics, and an integrated process for implementing and measuring training programs. The Guide consists of six separate, but complimentary, resources detailing various steps in the development process.


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CareerSTAT Webinar Series

The 2019 CareerSTAT Employer Best Practices webinar series showcases healthcare employers making significant investments in developing their frontline workers’ skills and careers. Each 30-minute webinar features an employer investing in one or more of the best practices highlighted in the CareerSTAT Guide to Investing in Frontline Health Care Workers and offers participants an opportunity to learn how best practices are implemented and sustained.


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Who Are Frontline Workers?

Frontline healthcare workers provide routine and essential services in hospitals, outpatient care, behavioral health, long-term care, and home healthcare. They represent 50% of the healthcare workforce and are responsible for a range of operations including providing administrative, direct care, environmental, and technical services to patients, families, and caregivers. Ultimately, frontline workers form an organization’s backbone needed to deliver high-quality care and ensure an excellent patient experience.

Who Are Frontline Workers?

CareerSTAT Leadership

CareerSTAT is led by healthcare leaders representing organizations across the country and the continuum of care. Executive Committee members have demonstrated experience in supporting the skill and career development of frontline health care workers. Through our committees, events, and publications, CareerSTAT offers multiple opportunities for health care practitioners to share best.

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