Scaling Industry Partnerships

Over the past 10 years, the National Fund for Workforce Solutions has used industry partnerships and deep employer engagement to improve business and workforce systems, spark social innovations, and prepare thousands of workers for good jobs. Industry partnerships are at the heart of the National Fund’s model and have resulted in more effective training programs, higher job placement results and better investments in workforce development. National Fund regional collaboratives have created, supported or scaled more than 200 industry partnerships over the past decade, serving more than 7,500 businesses and currently fund 85 active industry partnerships.

Each industry partnership reflects the unique needs of the community and sector, but industry partnerships are collaborations of businesses from a particular industry that meet regularly with the assistance of a workforce intermediary to address their region and industry’s collective workforce and talent needs. Members discuss shared human-resources issues, exchange information about industry practices, and take specific actions to address workforce challenges.

Active Industry Partnerships

Aerospace and Aviation

SAWDC Aviation and Aerospace Industry Partnership, Mobile, AL

PACES Aviation Partnership, Wichita, KS

Automotive Manufacturing

West Alabama Automotive Cluster, Tuscaloosa, AL

New Community Corporation Auto Mechanics (NCC), Newark, NJ

Automotive Maintenance & Alternative Fuels Partnership, Milwaukee, WI

Bioscience and Technology

BioTechnical Institute of Maryland, Inc. (BTI), Baltimore, MD

Materials Science Industry Partnership, Pittsburgh, PA

Illinois IT STEM Learning Exchange, Chicago, IL

JVS Bridges to College STEM Career Pathways, Boston, MA 



East Alabama Construction Partnership, Opelika, Alabama

AIDT/AWTC Construction Partnership, Birmingham, Alabama

CareerRise Construction Partnership, Atlanta, GA

CareerEdge Construction Partnership, Sarasota-Bradenton, FL

Central Iowa Works Construction Partnership, Des Moines, IA

PCW Construction Industry Partnership, Cincinnati, OH

Green Services & Energy Efficiency

Calumet Green Manufacturing Partnership, Chicago, IL

Baltimore Center for Green Careers (BCGC), Baltimore, MD

Energy Efficient Construction Partnership, Milwaukee, WI

Urban Forestry & Utilities Partnership, Milwaukee, WI

Green Trades Partnership, Milwaukee, WI

Green City Works, Philadelphia, PA 

Parks, Grounds & Maintenance Partnership, Milwaukee, WI


Health Care Industry Partnership, Mobile, AL

West Alabama Health Care Cluster, Tuscaloosa, AL

West Alabama Construction Cluster, Tuscaloosa, AL

East Alabama Health Care Partnership, Opelika, Alabama

Metro Hartford Alliance for Careers in Healthcare (MACH), Hartford, CT

CareerEdge Heath Care Partnership, Sarasota-Bradenton, FL

CareerRise Careers in Healthcare Atlanta Mobility Project (CHAMP), Atlanta, GA

Central Iowa Works Health Care Partnership, Des Moines, IA

PACES Health Care Employer Partnership, Wichita, KS

Health Care Collaboratives of Greater Louisville, Louisville, KY

New Orleans Works Medical Assistant Partnership (MA NOW), New Orleans, LA

Boston Healthcare Careers Consortium, Boston, MA

Boston Children’s Hospital – Career Ladder Program, Boston, MA

Baltimore Alliance for Careers in Health Care (BACH), Baltimore, MD

Jersey City Medical Center—Barnabas Health (JCMC-BH), Newark, NJ

New York Alliance for Careers in Healthcare (NYACH), New York, NY

PCW Health Careers Collaborative, Cincinnati, OH

Pittsburgh Works Healthcare Industry Partnership, Pittsburgh, PA

Greater Philadelphia Healthcare Partnership, Philadelphia, PA

Nurse Aid Certification Program, Dallas, TX

SkillUp Home Healthcare Training Partnership, Seattle, WA

Construction Partnership, Milwaukee, WI

Hospitality and Retail

East Alabama Hospitality Partnership, Opelika, Alabama

BEST Corp Hospitality Training Center (HTC), Boston, MA

Jane Addams Resource Corporation (JARC), Baltimore, MD

Next Course Food Service Partnership, Baltimore, MD


Central Gulf Industrial Alliance (CGIA), Mobile, AL

West Alabama Manufacturing Cluster, Tuscaloosa, AL

East Alabama Manufacturing Partnership, Opelika, Alabama

AIDT/AWTC Manufacturing Partnership, Birmingham, Alabama

Advanced Manufacturing Employer Partnership, Hartford, CT

CareerEdge Manufacturing Partnership, Sarasota-Bradenton, FL

Central Iowa Works Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, Des Moines, IA

WorkOne Manufacturing Partnership, Louisville, KY

MDWFC Manufacturing/Skill Trades Partnership, Jackson, MI

Guilford Apprenticeship Partners, Greensboro, NC

PCW Advanced Manufacturing Industry Partnership, Cincinnati, OH

Southeast Regional Workforce Development Partnership, Philadelphia, PA

Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, Philadelphia, PA

SkillUp Manufacturing Advancement Pathways Project, Seattle, WA

Manufacturing Partnership, Milwaukee, WI

Workforce Central Manufacturing Partnership, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

CareerRise Electronics Workforce Alliance, Atlanta, GA

The Genesis Movement, Chicago, IL

Work Train Manufacturing Careers Partnership, Syracuse, NY

Kentucky Manufacturing Career Center (KMCC) Employer Advisory Group, Louisville, KY

Maritime Manufacturing

Maritime Industry Partnership, Mobile, AL

Information Technology

Greater Boston IT/Tech Consortium, Boston, MA

IT-Ready Initiative, Dallas, TX

PCW Information Technology Career Pathway, Cincinnati, OH 

Transportation Distribution and Logistics

East Alabama Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Partnership, Opelika, Alabama

Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics (TDL) Workforce Partnership, Hartford, CT

CareerEdge Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Partnership, Sarasota-Bradenton, FL

Logistics Partnership, Atlanta, GA

MDWFC Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Partnership, Jackson, MI

North Carolina Center for Global Logistics, Greensboro, NC

PCW Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Partnership, Cincinnati, OH

SkillUp Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Partnership, Seattle, WA

Central PA Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Partnership, Reading, PA

Transportation Manufacturing, Greenville, SC

Skills and Career Development

Central Iowa Works Financial Services Partnership, Des Moines, IA

New Orleans Works Daughters of Charity, New Orleans, LA

New Orleans Works Hudson Thomas Program, New Orleans, LA

West Philadelphia Skills Initiative, Philadelphia, PA

Early Childhood Education Workforce Transformation Initiative, Philadelphia, PA

South Kensington Works, Philadelphia, PA

Workforce Central Pathways Partnership, Wisconsin Rapids, WI